Herzlich Willkommen im Tantra Bildungszentrum

Anna Anjoka Posse

Current Events


You are curious about tantra?

For all people interested in tantra but without previous experiences with tantra, our eduction centre “Path of Tantra” offers three different kinds of events to approach the tantric space smoothly. These are: the Tantra Evening Lecture, our Tantra Taster Day and our Beginners Weekend.


You would like to feel and experience tantra?

Level 1 of our tantra training and tantra vocational trainings contains three different courses: Tantra Beginners, Tantra Intermediate and Tantra Advanced.


You would like to become a tantra teacher yourself?

Our education centre “Path of Tantra” offers six different tantra-connected vocational trainings: Teacher for Tantra, Teacher for Tantra and Yoga, Tantric Massage Therapist, Tantric Sexual Therapist, Tantra Coach and Trainer for Tantra Teachers.


You would like to work with us?

Our tantra education centre is at the moment in the phase of structuring and we are looking for commited people who take responsibility for different tasks. If you are interested contact us via the following e-mail: anna.posse@tantra-weg.de